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13502 Highway 33 East
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
V1P 1K2

We are located on Hwy 33 in Joe Rich, 4 kms past the fire hall. Appx. 15 – 20 min from Rutland. It’s a beautiful drive!

Phone: 250-491-4622
Fax: 250-765-0994


Quote Form

We can provide a free quote for you from your measurements. If none of these descriptions apply please explain.

Quote Form
Example: This property is generally flat with 1 slight 30’ slope. - From the house to the side P.L. (property line) is 20'. Include 1 - man gate 8' from the house. - The side P.L. is 80' with bushes on the neighbour's side. - The back P.L. is 100'. Include a double gate, for vehicle access, 10' from the opposite corner with a minimum of 12' opening. - The opposite side P.L. is 80' with a slight slope down towards the house. appx. 10" drop over an 8' span (the length of a panel) from the back corner for the first 30'. - 12’ return to the house. No gates.
eg. Generally flat, slight slope, heavy slope?
eg. Very sandy, easy dig but we need longer posts. Very rocky, lots of jack hammer work. Lots of bushes & trees = lots
eg. stucco, brick, vinyl etc...


From these details we should be able to provide a relatively accurate quote. At least as accurate as your measurements.